October 28, 2013

Pack it up and go home.

Boudoir Studio Bella Boudoir

Just kidding!  

I do prefer natural light, however at 10 o’clock at night, my main light had packed it up and went on home.  *quitter*

For this image I used my little 60 bulb video light, located at camera 10 o’clock, and my 580exII behind the glass wall at full power with a 35mm spread. Shot with 5DMIII, 85mm 1.8 at ISO 320, f2.8, 1/160. Flash triggered with cyber syncs.

I think it’s important that as professional photographers that we pack the gear and most importantly the knowledge to deliver quality images no matter the scenario.  Having worked on-location before having my studio this was imperative as it always seemed that clients lived in homes where the natural light was equivalent to what you might find in a cave.  :-/

What do you do when your main light goes on vacation?