November 26, 2013

Flying eastbound in a Boeing 700 on my way home from a quick weekend trip to break the cycle of monotony, I’ve tapped out this post, hit the delete key on at least 300 words back to zero, feeling the plane descend my ears crackle.  I’d better hurry and finish this post up.


I admit it.  Lately I’ve found myself to be incredibly bored with my work.  I yearn for a challenge, something new, something outside of my everyday capture.  I’m bored with my studio.  I’m bored with my shoot flow.  I’m bored with my images.

Stomps feet.  Pouts.  Sad face.


In an effort to cure the boredom I took a much needed mini-vacay to visit a friend in Denver.  Whenever we get together we try to shoot together as I find it refreshing and inspirational alongside other professionals.   The goal of the day – bridal images for the rapidly approaching bridal season.

I have more – but turbulence is making me grab the armrests and I’m being told to put away my laptop.