November 11, 2013

Cursing at my monitor as my rear end goes numb.  My shoulders ache, my wrist hurts.  Proofing is at 10am tomorrow, I’ll never get done.   New layer, patch tool, de-select, patch tool, de-select, lower opacity of the layer to fifty effing percent. Repeat.  Repeat again.  Repeat again and again. I’ll never use this makeup artist ever again!  Never.  Neverrrrrr.  Everrrrrrr.  EVERRRRRRRR.  ♫ sing it with me ♪

Lesson learned.  

I was in a jam and had to use a make-up artist I’d not used previously.  One that hadn’t been recommended to me by my usual gaggle of supremely talented hair and makeup artists.  It was a hard lesson and believe me when I say that it is one mistake I will never repeat again.  Never.  Neverrrrrr.  Everrrrrrr.  EVERRRRRRRR!

During the past few years I’ve accrued quite the impressive list of impressive hair and makeup artists.  Each present themselves well, show up on time and have a personality that represents my brand well.  Here’s how I pre-qualify:

1.  Must come by recommendation of one of my trusted hair and makeup artists.
2.  Must see their portfolio.

and since the last experience I’ve added:

3. Must have a telephone conversation to outline my expectations.


You see, it’s not that I think that the hair and makeup artist that caused all the extra editing was bad, no.  In fact, I think she was quite good but the problem was that she could not tell my client ‘no’ to the client’s desired look.  There are some looks that just do not complement certain features, instead they can exaggerate trouble spots.  Had she said no and recommended an alternative application, I would’ve saved hours upon hours of editing time.  ((I’m convinced that those extra hours of editing put at least an extra inch on my ass!  At least!))


This lovely lady is Terra, she’s one of the six makeup artists I regularly utilize. This girl’s got mad skillz and isn’t afraid to gently, but firmly say no.  Friendly, knowledgeable and a perfectionist – represents my brand well.

Numb kneed no more,