July 14, 2013

What do you do to prepare your clients for their session?  I have a session guide.  Once booked my session guide is sent to my client and that baby contains all of my recommendations on styling and preparing for a boudoir session.  Even with those recommendations the “what to wear” question has been at the top of the FAQ’s of nearly each client.  My recommendations must be kept somewhat vague because what works for one client won’t work for the next and all I can really do is provide suggestions like these:

Lingerie can include bra and panty sets, a corset, teddy, chemise, camisole and garters with thigh high stockings. While black is the standard in sexy, colors can create variety and textures can add visual interest to your portraits. Be true to yourself and only select those items that make you feel sexy not uncomfortable. A simple pair of panties and your favorite sweater can be as sexy as a see-through teddy.Other items might include your favorite pair of tight fitting jeans, a variety of sexy stilettos, thigh-high boots and jewelry. The most important thing that you can bring to your session is your confidence, this is paramount to a successful experience.

Pretty recently I started snapping pics of client’s shoes prior to a session would begin.  I’m a bit of a shoe whore ((bordering on fetish, really)) and would post the shoe porn on my facebook biz page to keep it somewhat active.  It’s worked well  because apparently I have hundreds of like-minded shoe pervs that have been actively engaging.  Interesting to note – the activity has resulted in at least two sessions booked directly on the facebook page.  That’s never happened before as my biz page has always been a bit of a step-child or afterthought.  Then last week while yapping on the phone with Lynn Clark ((she’s my phone buddy, dashtime?  bored?  call Lynn – always a good conversation to be had)) she mentioned that she was starting to capture entire client outfits for blogging.  Genius!  I shall do the same and we can share images and links and Google will be happy by the fresh content and new linky-links!  *giggle*snort*girly squeal*  No really.  It is kinda genius in terms of SEO.  One of the most common phrases used when researching boudoir photography is ‘what to wear boudoir session” :)  My approach to capturing client wardrobes is kinda like the details one might shoot as wedding details…What do you do to prepare your clients for their session?  How can you tie that into SEO and engaging your facebook likers?