July 30, 2013

Each Level Up master class is limited to 6 students and include 2 full days of cognitive learning. Masterclass hours are from 10am to 6pm and include a catered lunch for all students on both days and dinner at the end of class on Day One.

Day One

Observe as I demonstrate a typical boudoir portrait session. Through instruction and observation you will learn how I effectively create solutions for shooting in tight, cluttered spaces, style and capture my client from unique perspectives to best exemplify her assets while minimizing time spent in post-processing. Day One will end with casual dinner (included with tuition) and conversation, where we will review and discuss the day’s events.

Day Two

We will begin with culling the images captured during day one so you will learn why I choose the images that I choose and how I will present to my clients to effectively increase my sale.  After the cull, each participant will take their turn putting what they’ve learned thus far into action as we style a ‘client’, create a story line and shoot with intent.

wall art


The tuition for this two day masterclass is $1200.  Payment terms can be found on the FAQ page.

Application and Registration

Not every boudoir photographer is right for this master class. This intimate and in-depth course is geared toward established, technically proficient photographers who wish to take their boudoir photography and their businesses to the next level. To help ensure that all students have a quality experience, I’ve implemented an application process. You’ll need to demonstrate:

  • A professional online presence
  • Some previous boudoir work
  • Why you want to participate

Further details including cancellation policies are provided upon acceptance.

Applications for registration can be found here.